Equivalence of diplomas

One of the most important matters for students who want to continue their studies in Turkey is the issue of the equivalency of the certificate. In order for the student to pass this stage successfully, the Student Advisor website in Turkey will help you, as it provides you with a comprehensive idea of all the required documents, and will also undertake the translation of the entire file through an interpreter. A specialist who guarantees the correctness of the translation, in addition to following up on the rest of the procedures related to handing over the file to the concerned authorities.

Our student guide site in Turkey will explain to you in detail how to equivalence the certificate, whether it is a secondary or university certificate, in line with the Turkish education systems, and will explain to you whether the obtained certificate requires an exam or not.

If you need an exam, the Student Advisor website in Turkey will provide an adequate amount of information to help you pass this exam, and then it will be with you to choose the best universities suitable for your specialization.

The student guide in Turkey will stay with you and provide you with all the facilities until your degree is successfully and as soon as possible.


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