Bishan Tashi University

It is one of the private universities in Turkey, founded in Istanbul in 2009, and is one of the largest universities in Turkey and Europe. Despite the short period of its inception, it succeeded during that period to become one of the fastest growing Turkish universities.

It was started as a vocational school by Nisantasi Education and Culture Foundation and then they started to teach undergraduate degree. It mainly aims to provide the student with strong academic skills that lead to his advancement in professional life, relying on the scientific thinking system, and keeping pace with the developments of the era of digital technology, so that the university, with its students and trained faculty, can represent Turkey in international arenas.

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Advantages of Nisantasi University:

  • Nisantasi University ranks among the top 100 universities in Turkey and ranks among the top 500 universities in the world.
  • English is a primary language of instruction in addition to Turkish, and in some disciplines one language is adopted, either English or Turkish.
  • Nisantasi University is officially recognized by the European Union, which makes it an ideal destination for many students.
  • The university is one of the members of the Erasmus Student Exchange Organization, which gives students practical training opportunities at the international level, and also allows students to complete one or more semesters of study in another country. These countries are: (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Netherlands, Slovenia, Ukraine, Romania)
  • Curricula are contemporary and relevant to international standards.
  • Affordable tuition fees and reasonable living expenses compared to other private Turkish universities.
  • The university follows the project-based education model, as this model produces innovative knowledge resulting from analytical and critical thinking, the use of digital world technologies, and integration with operating systems and robotic technologies.
  • It is keen on practical training to gain practical experience and skills, in order for its students to gain various practical experiences and skills, as the university has promoted a wide range of academic programs to meet the needs of the business world.
  • The university owns multiple sports fields and halls for fitness activities.
  • The university includes 4 cafes, 3 restaurants and two cafeterias, in addition to many shops and markets to meet all the needs of students.
  • The presence of an integrated health center equipped with a medical staff to maintain the health of students.
  • The university is interested in organizing sessions for the psychological needs of students through an academic staff that helps students develop themselves, communicate and relieve the stress of exams, adaptation problems and other psychological conditions, in addition to organizing seminars and conferences that discuss various topics.
  • The university contains various sports facilities, including multi-sports halls, group gymnasiums, and table tennis. In addition, the university organizes many sports competitions such as basketball, pentathlon, volleyball, table tennis and matches in order to protect the physical and mental health of our students and help them grow in a balanced manner and aims to Improving the athletic skills of its students and creating lifelong friendships, as the university has 18 sports teams that include athletes at the national level.

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    Nisantasi University credits

    The most important characteristic of Nisantasi University:

    The student gets the opportunity to study and train in international universities, because the university is a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program funded by the European Union.

    Colleges and majors of the university

    The following table shows all the departments and specializations in Nisantasi University and the approximate costs for each of them:

    SpecializationStudy YearsThe languageExpenses before deductionExpenses after discount
    Civil Engineering4English7481$2950$
    Software Engineering4English7481$2950$
    Interior Design4English7481$2950$
    Aviation Management4English7481$2950$
    Modern Media4English7481$2950$
    International Relations4English7481$2950$
    Logistics and International Trade4English7481$2950$
    Business Management4English7481$2950$
    English language and literature4English7481$2950$
    Translation and interpretation4Turkish7481$2450$
    Aviation Management4Turkish7481$2450$
     Computer Engineering4Turkish7481$2450$
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering4Turkish7481$2450$
    The Industrial Engineering4Turkish7481$2450$
    Industrial Design4Turkish7481$2450$
    Mechanical engineering4Turkish7481$2450$
    Mechatronics Engineering4Turkish7481$2450$
    Civil Engineering4Turkish7481$2450$
    Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish7481$2450$
    Culinary arts and cooking4Turkish7481$2450$
    Graphic Design4Turkish7481$2450$
    Game Design4Turkish7481$2450$
    Communication Design4Turkish7481$2450$
    Nutrition and Diet4Turkish7481$2450$
    Radio, Film and Television4Turkish7481$2450$
    Theater and Performing Arts4Turkish7481$2450$
    Fashion and textile design4Turkish7481$2450$
    Finance and Banking4Turkish7481$2450$
    Business Management4Turkish7481$2450$
    The press4Turkish7481$2450$
    Social Work4Turkish7481$2450$
    Public Relations and Advertising4Turkish7481$2450$
    International Trade and Management4Turkish7481$2450$
    Management information systems4Turkish7481$2450$
    Political Science and Public Administration4Turkish7481$2450$
    Language and speech therapy4Turkish7481$2450$
    Interior Design4Turkish7481$2450$
    Interior architecture and environmental design4Turkish7481$2450$
    Logistics and International Trade4Turkish7481$2450$
    Aircraft engine maintenance4Turkish7481$2450$
    Sports Management4Turkish7481$2450$
    Aerobics and Sports Science4Turkish7481$2450$
    Tourism Guiding4Turkish7481$2450$
    Learning with Leisure Activities4Turkish7481$2450$
    Political Science and International Relations4Turkish7481$2806$

    Nisantasi University campuses:

    1. Othman Bey’s Sanctuary:
    It is the first campus, housing classrooms and a fashion design atelier, computer laboratories, foreign languages, a beauty center, a drawing workshop and a large comprehensive library of a large number of books and volumes.

    2. New Tech Campus (MASLEK):
    These universities are among the fastest growing and developing universities in Turkey, as they keep pace with technology in all its forms through its largest project that takes its first step in the era of innovation and technology in education, which is the modern campus, providing students with a global university life experience, including full services that provide everything necessary for students University, academics and administrators. Therefore, it is ranked among the first university in the interest of digital technology to meet the needs of the world of technology and artificial intelligence.
    It includes the latest technology in classrooms and laboratories in addition to containing administrative and academic offices, modern conference rooms, electronic libraries, and a cafeteria for staff and students open for social activities.
    Nisantasi University includes three faculties:
    • College of Engineering and Architecture
    • Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences
    • College of Art and Design
    The university also includes an institute for postgraduate studies for social sciences, a school that includes many specializations for the diploma stage, and three other schools.

    The university is keen to provide various activities through student clubs that students can benefit from in developing their skills and talents, and the number has exceeded 35 student clubs, including:
    • Research and Development Club
    • Sports Club
    • Dance Arts Club
    Economy Club
    • Literary Masterpieces Club
    • Photography Club
    • Press Club
    • Authors Club
    Entrepreneurs Club
    • International Student Club
    • Architecture Club
    • Culinary Arts Club
    • Cinema Club

    The university requires the student to have a YOS certificate for admission to the university, and the university also does not have its own student housing.


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