Istanbul Aydın University

Aydin University is classified as one of the best private universities in Turkey. It was founded in 2003. It is one of the universities recognized by the European Union and in a number of Arab countries, especially the Arab Republic of Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Iraq.

It enjoys a high global ranking compared to other universities, as it ranks 2902 worldwide, as a result of its effective contribution to the scientific, cultural and technological fields in partnership with its academic departments.

Its motto (towards a bright future) was based on its approach to attract all international students from all over the world.

Aydin University is located in the heart of the European city of Istanbul, in Florya, within the Kucukcekmece district.

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Advantages of Istanbul Aydin University:

  • The university includes 11 colleges and a number of postgraduate institutes, numbering about three, and another institute for studying the Turkish and English languages, and three schools for students wishing to enroll in the two-year specialization programs.
  • Istanbul Aydin University provides a bio-technological campus located in the center of the European city of Istanbul, as this campus has a large library that features a lot of electronic and paper materials that help students to complete their academic research in addition to health sciences and engineering laboratories and art and design studios with a special workshop for students.
  • It offers many study abroad opportunities to all its students at its partner universities abroad.
  • Aydin University is one of the most trusted universities in Turkey. It guarantees jobs for all its graduates, as it provides career planning for all its students after graduation, and therefore tries to keep up with them until they find a job, where the employment rate has reached more than eighty percent.
  • The university provides opportunities for obtaining scholarships of up to 75% of the university tuition fee.
  • The university has cooperative relations with more than five hundred universities around the world.
  • The university has more than 40,000 students, many of them from different countries, which contributes to creating an atmosphere of constructive communication between diverse civilizations and cultures.
  • The presence of several distinct entertainment programs in the university system during the academic year, such as organizing spring festivals, seminars and conferences.
  • The university provides a lot of training courses for students during the period of study at the university in many industrial companies.
  • It combines theoretical and applied education at the same time in the various educational programs offered by the university.
  • The teachers at this university are distinguished by their international experience, and this is what made it one of the distinguished universities in Turkey.
  • The university has advanced technology laboratories, a university hospital, and various health centers.
  • Eden University is one of the distinguished universities in providing its specializations in different languages, which makes it keep pace with changes and developments in all sciences.
  • In addition, access to the university is very easy via the subway, which is about 10 minutes away.

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    Istanbul Aydin University

    The most important characteristic of Istanbul Aydin University:

    The student gets the opportunity to study and train in international universities, because the university is a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program funded by the European Union.

    Colleges and majors of the university

    The following table shows the faculties and departments of Istanbul Aydin University and the approximate costs of each:

    SpecializationStudy yearsThe languageExpenses before deductionExpenses after discount
    Civil Engineering4English6.000$5.000$
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English6.000$5.000$
    Mechanical Engineering4English6.000$5.000$
    The industrial engineering4English6.000$5.000$
    Computer Engineering4English6.000$5.000$
    Software Engineering4English6.000$5.000$
    Business Management4English6.000$5.000$
    International Trade4English6.000$5.000$
    Political Science and International Relations4English6.000$5.000$
    Aviation Management4English6.000$5.000$
    English language and literature4English4.500$4.500$
    Translation and interpretation (English – Turkish)4English4.000$4.000$
    English language teacher preparation4English4.000$4.000$
    Translation and interpretation (Russian – Turkish)4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Translation and interpretation (Arabic – Turkish)4Arabia4.000$4.000$
    Preparation of Arabic language teachers4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Preparation of Turkish language teachers4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Preparing mathematics teachers in primary schools4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Pre-school teacher training4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Teacher training at the primary school level4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Special Education4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    psychological Guidance and counseling4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Modern media and communication4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Public Relations and Advertising4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    The Press4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Visual Communication Design4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Prepare news and TV programs4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Management information systems4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Arts management4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Drama and acting4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Graphic Design4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Cartoon and Animation4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Fashion and textile design4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Digital game design4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Radio, Television and Film4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    The art of cooking and cooking4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Sports management4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Preparing a sports coach4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Physical Education and Sports4Turkish4.000$4.000$
    Health Department4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Child Development4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Public Administration4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Economics and Finance4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Accounting and Financial Management4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Social Service4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Turkish language and literature4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Nutrition and Diet4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Food Engineering4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Mechanical engineering4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Civil Engineering4Turkish4.500$4.500$
    Interior architecture4Turkish5.000$5.000$
    Industrial Product Design4Turkish5.000$5.000$
    Preparatory year expensesone yearEnglish5.025$5.025$
    Preparatory year expensesone yearTurkish300 $300$ (للمستوى الواحد)


    Istanbul Aydin University housing:

    The housing can accommodate 600 local and international students in 265 rooms, as the dormitories at Istanbul Aydin University are equipped with guest reception halls, restaurants, TV auditoriums, and libraries.

    As for the rooms, they are equipped with bathrooms, beds, study tables, library, wardrobe, and internet.

    Documents required to register at Eden University:

    • Photograph.
    • A copy of the secondary school certificate translated into English or Turkish.
    • A copy of the high school transcript translated into English or Turkish.
    • passport copy.
    • English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL or TOMER).


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