Slide هناك العديد من الجامعات التركية
التي تعتبر من أفضل الجامعات
على المستوى العام والتي تناسب الطموح العملي
مع الإمكانيات المادية
وتعبر الجامعات التركية
واحدة من أفضل الجامعات العالمية
من ناحية التكاليف المادية
قبولات جامعية
في افضل الجامعات التركية
Slide نسعى لتقدم أفضل الخدمات للطلاب الراغبين

بالدراسة في تركيا من خلال تقديم العديد

من الخيارات التي تتناسب

مع أهداف وطموحات المستقبل
خدمات طلابية متكاملة
للدراسة في تركيا
Slide لأن مستقبلك مهم لابد لك من أن تفكر كثيراً

قبل اختيار الجامعة التي ستساعدك

بالوصول للمستقبل الذي تفكر به

اليوم العديد من الجامعات التركية

تعتبر خياراً مناسباً للصناعة هذا المستقبل 
سجل الآن

Undergraduate Admissions

We secure university admission for the student in the Turkish universities that suit him after he sends us the required documents

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Student housing

We offer suggestions for the best student accommodation and complete the reservation process before the student arrives in Turkey

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Equivalence of diplomas

You can count on us to equalize your university or secondary certificate, which is an important step before entering Turkish universities

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Registration in institutes

If you want to get an institute to learn and master the Turkish language, we guarantee you to register in the best institutes

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We offer you many options to suit your ambitions

Turkish private universities

Where do I start my studies in Turkey?

The starting point is with the student advisor, where you get all the services and steps you need before starting your study trip in Turkey and its high-level universities. We help you in our services to get the best opportunities and the most appropriate options for what you want to study in terms of specialization and we provide you with all the consultations and answers to your questions and all registration procedures.

Your success is our goal, it means the success of our work and ensuring its continuity and development, and therefore we are with you.

مرشد الطالب للدراسة في تركيا

Why would you choose a Student Adviser?

Various options
Implemented Works
Award won
Who is the student advisor?

Create your future with your own hands and our services

A student advisor is a helping hand that is provided to foreign students wishing to pursue their higher education for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Turkey.

We work to provide integrated student services, including securing admissions and registration procedures, as well as securing housing, registration in language learning institutes, basic exams, and others.

We support you 7/24

Student guide in Turkey to create your future

Contact us at any time and we are ready to assist you and provide services for you to complete your educational path

Words from our students about the student advisor

Samir Rabihdental student

Here my story began to become a reality, thank you to the student advisor because you were with me at the beginning of my journey to register dentistry with you, you made a good choice and I am very happy with it

Lulwat Abd Alsamiepharmacy student

I am happy to achieve my dream and continue my studies in Turkey, and part of my happiness is that I dealt with the student advisor to obtain registration and admission to the most wonderful university, thank you.

Mizna JamaliArchitecture student

It is good to have a student advisor, working with experience and credibility to provide an excellent service for the student to obtain his registration and study opportunity in Turkey.

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